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We are a group of people who are perfect blend of professional gamblers, technological geeks and casino managers. We know what people like you expect from a casino, we know the thrills and chills one gets in playing in a casino and making money, sometimes un-imaginable amounts. We also understand that people like you cannot visit the casino every day and Las Vegas does not happen every day for everyone. This is where we as an online and mobile casino play an important role in bringing Las Vegas right in to your palms and desks.

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    JUL, 15

  • We understand that security is of utmost importance to any casino and online and mobile casinos do need extra stringent security, sometimes even more than a land casino. We have the best and latest security features in our portals to ensure that you play safe and secure. We have a team of web security professionals whose aim is to ensure that everyone plays fair and their money is safe. We have some of the best dealers, who have numerous years of experience in actual casinos and are no novice when it comes to online play. We also have a team of professionals who monitor and cover all aspects of a live game when video streaming is chosen. We also have a great support team to help you on your queries. We understand that any online facility needs some sort of support. Be it payment delays, failure of payment, login failures, password resets or any sort of doubts you have , you can just visit us online and lodge a query or call us. Our vision is to have a party across the world by serving as a meeting place of people who have fun and make money in the process, all at the comfort of your home or even office. After all casinos are known for their fun and money and we are no different.